Sport massage

The sports massage provides a substantial performance increase of your body and accelerates its regeneration.

Not only professional sportsmen use reviving sports massages to increase their capabilities. Modern life can be quite of a burden for our bodies due to lack of movement, stress, pressure and last but not least due to a wrong body posture.

Using a purposeful massage treatment improves tensions and hardening in the body’s muscles. This can be reached by :

  • better recovery
  • quicker regeneration
  • substantial improvement in performance
  • increase of effectivness during trainings
  • boost in resiliency of muscles and sinews
  • decrease of injury risk

By applying the above the body’s performance can be improved in an optimal way.


Personal mentoring

Are you a professional athlete and in the need of a personal masseur – a consistent companion that leads you through all stages to your success ?

Your individual requirements and specifications in regard of your sport are well taken into account while planning the treatment.

In the preparation stage the sports massage:

  • increases the effectiveness of the training
  • supports the blood circulation
  • releases mental tensions

Before and during competitions the sports massage :

  • relaxes the muscles and ligaments (prevention of spasms)

After the competitions the massage  helps to :

  • regenerate
  • restore the body’s performance