Gentle spine and joint therapy with the DORN-method

This method was developed by the agriculturalist Dieter Dorn based on his own personal experience.

According to Dorn modern life brings certain lack and incorrect physical movements to the human body that often results in malposition of one’s spine. This fact can lead to vertiginous state, headache, backache, heard complaints, stomach troubles and other diseases.

The DORN-method is traditional way to prevent diseases that are directly linked to the spine.

A proper functioning of the human nervous and energy systems lets the immune system do its work flawlessly.

The DORN-method uses a soft way to bring each element of the spine to the needed position. This can be reached by correcting the length difference of one’s legs. A substantial point represent the daily exercises. The DORN-method is an active therapy together with the patient in a gentle but determining way. All movements are natural and support the relevant bones, ligaments and muscles to find back to the correct position.

The DORN-method can be used by most people – man, woman, children and babies whether you are 100 years or only 1 month old.

In case of recent injuries, inflammations or paralysis this method should not be used.

The DORN-therapy is very efficient in case of:

  •  Length correction of legs
  •  Correction of leg joints
  •  Correction of ankle joints
  •  Correction of knee joints
  •  Correction of hip joints
  •  Pelvis corrections

And especially effective for spine corrections!

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A gentle spine and joint therapy

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