Private Lessons

Training especially designed for you and your needs, where you are the center of attention.

Do you want to be independent of location and class times?

Do you want to achieve something specific (eg. post-injury or illness targeting a specific group of muscles) or just learn to master everyday challenges more serenely?

With personal supervision you will achieve maximum results.

Get the ultimate benefit of a session designed especially for you and achieve the highest benefits:


I will gently guide you through the exercises and if needed, correct you whereby your posture will increase within a short time.

Tools such as yoga blocks, yoga mats and blankets will be provided. You will decide if you would like to practice yoga at home, at work or any other location.

Your relaxation will be complete and your experience will give you new power, positive physical feeling, and inner satisfaction. You can also end your yoga session with a soothing wellness or BREUSS massage.

In a preliminary session we will determine YOUR GOALS.