Manual pain treatment (MST)

Life without pain

Pain is a natural pain signal of the human body. Our modern stressful lifestyle often ignores the such signals and instead painkillers are used. These pain relievers can “help” only for a short time and to a limited extent. The pain itself does not leave but one simply cannot feel it anymore. After that the pain often comes back and even more intense.

A good tool against pain is the Manual Pain Therapy MST. The therapy is simple but very effective against various kinds of pain in musculoskeletal  system. Easy to use self-help exercises can bring pain release after a very short time period. Already after the first treatment without using painkillers one can release the pain.

These symptoms / pains can easily be released with Manual Pain Treatment:

  • megrim
  • head ache
  • tinnitus 
  • acute hearing loss
  • temporomandibular joint aches 
  • bruxism
  • paranasal sinuses aches
  • neck aches
  • eye aches
  • shoulder aches
  • frozen shoulder
  • tennis elbow
  • tenosynovitis (typewriter’s cramp)
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • leg aches
  • knee aches

Manual Pain Treatment (MST)

efficient – effective – liberating