Gentle spine and joint therapy with the DORN-method

DORN is a wonderful way for everyone to get rid of back pain and associated diseases in the long term. This method not only relieves the strain on the nerves but also exposes the meridians (TCM) or the energy flow paths. This dissolves energy blockages in the body.

Even after the first treatment you feel more free and mobile. Many of my clients use to say they feel up to 5 cm taller after treatment. After 3 to 5 treatments, most medications and some operations on the musculoskeletal system can be dispensed with in most cases.

DORN helps with :

    • disc prolapse
    • sciatica pain
    • joint problems
    • artrose
    • lumbago
    • stomach and digestive tract problems
    • … and much more

Feedback from my clients:

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Health insurance?! Recongnized!

I want to share information regarding cooperation with Swiss health insurance. (Zusatzkrankenversicherung)

I am qualified and accredited with “Classical Massage” (102) / (205) at the Medical Register EMR and at the Swiss Foundation for Complementary Medicine ASCA. Most Swiss insurance providers work with these two associations. What does it mean?

Through additional medical insurance, you can partially – depending on the insurance company excepting Assura, Helsana, Sympany, Visana (list is not exhaustive) – recover the costs for a classic massage. I recommend at first to contact the insurance company so that it confirms cooperation with me as a therapist. For confirmation you will need my registration number ZSR T357463.

After successful confirmation, we can proceed to therapy.


Räucherstäbchen & Ganesha


Dear friends!

I really hope that my new video will help you to get a first impression about how I work in the new office in the middle of Zurich (Uraniastrasse 18 / Hornergasse 10)

I want to express a special Thanks ? @ edmotion.picture – a very talented creative team ? for excellent job!

Liebe Freunde

Ich hoffe, dass Euch mein neues Video gefällt und es euch hilft einen ersten Eindruck zu bekommen, wie ich in meiner neuen Praxis im Herzen von Zürich (Uraniastrasse 18 / Hornergasse 10) arbeite.

Einen besonderen Dank ? an @edmotion.picture – ein sehr talentiertes und kreatives Team ?

Дорогие друзья!

Очень надеюсь, что мой новый видеоролик Вам понравится и поможет получить первое впечатление о там как я работаю в новом кабинете в самом центре Цюриха. (Uraniastrasse 18 / Hornergasse 10)

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